Pimpjuice Energy Drink

Caffeine: 9.76 mg / ounce


Pinpjuice is promoted as the #1 Hip Hop Energy Drink. Launched by the Hip Hop Superstar Nelly (who is a co-owner), who's to argue? The drink is produced by Fillmore Street Brewery and was introduced in August 2003. Pimpjuice started as a regional product, with distribution originally limited to the Midwest. But distribution quickly expanded to meet demand created by national media coverage. Since its release, Pimpjuice has expanded to a global market.

The drink is intended to taste like apples and berries and mixes well with other drinks.

Nutrition Information

Image Size Caffeine Calories Carbohydrates Sodium
8.3oz Can 81.00 130 35 5

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