Carbonated Water

Most people know carbonated water as sparkling water, soda water or fizzy water because of the fact that it is effervescent. Carbonated water is made through the process of carbonation where carbon dioxide gas is dissolved into water under very high pressure. It can however be found naturally in certain springs in different part of the world. Carbonated water has always been known as soda water due to the fact that the water used to contain sodium salts and was one of the cheapest drinks during the Great Depression.

Originally, carbonated water is a product of a small town in Germany known as Selters. This is where people used to bottle soda water directly from mineral springs and sell to other locations within and outside Germany. Over the years, this product has been mixed with alcoholic drinks and flavored to make different types of bottled and canned drinks. Carbonated water can however be produced artificially. The process was first discovered by an individual known as Joseph Priestely who found that treated water had a pleasant taste. The process has however developed over the years. Currently, the process of making carbonated water involves passing pressurized carbon dioxide through water.

Essentially carbonated water is used as a preservative of canned and bottled drinks. Aside from sparkling water, it is used in the process of bottling alcoholic drinks. It can also be used as a diluent when added to alcoholic drinks such as whisky and brandy. It is also considered one of the main ingredients of a cocktail. The best flavors of carbonated water are lime and lemon, raspberry, cherry and orange.

Health wise, it is believed to prevent calcium absorption thereby causing weakening, tooth decay and browning of teeth and also increasing the risk of osteoporosis. On the positive side, it is believed to settle an upset stomach, reduce indigestion and constipation. Carbonated water is also believed to reduce the cholesterol level in ones body.

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