Caffeine does different things to different people. The following are stories of people who have dealt with caffeine addiction and withdrawal and all sorts of other fun stuff.

More coming in the future. If you would like to share something, feel free to contact us.

Caron Butler's Mt. Dew Ban

Wizards Ban Butler's Mt. Dew Habit

The Wizards Ban Butler's Mt. Dew Habit

A Caffeine Junkie's Recovery

How I got off Mt. Dew and Survived the Caffeine Withdrawal

Mt. Dew! How I love you... You just make everything better. Work becomes tolerable, people become endurable. Then I try to leave you! You are like the girlfriend on the day after... a massive headache.

Honestly though, after realizing that I was drinking 4-6 Mt. Dew's a day I decided I was time to drop this annoying caffeine addiction. Now, 4-6 Mt. Dews a day may not be much but some people's standards, but it was enough to give me major headaches if I skipped a day.

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